Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hope June 2, 2011

Today was hopeful. My dear husband had an interview for a job close to home. is so very amazing to me that hope always seems to come a knocking when we need it most. The interview went well, so we are now in the holding pattern again, but this time with a bit more hope on our side. We are good, we are making it, we are happy, we are healthy, we are sheltered, clothed, and fed, still smiling, and yet we are still hopeful...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Small, Little, Tiny, Minuscule

It really truly is the small things...
-I have read and knit a bit everyday for more than a week.
-I finished knitting the straps to a purse I have been putting off for 3 months.
-I am 9 /12 done will my spring cleaning. Yahoo!!!
-I slept 6 hours straight last night.
-One of my gals my very well love latch hook rug making as much as I did as a kiddo.
-My son read plug and ???, all on his own today!!! Oh man a few points docked for this momma, I seriously cannot remember the second word. First thing, well second thing, after coffee, I will whip out the paper repeat till I memorize them. But really the important thing is he is a step closer to reading.
-I am so excited to see two of my gals perform this weekend!!! I love seeing my kids on stage.
-I took a nice long bath all by myself tonight in the most quite house I have been in a long time. Pure deliciousness.
-Spent the afternoon at the park where I chatted and the kids played.
I now I shall lay me head to bed and catch you on the flip side. Hope you are all letting the little things pile up into on HUGE Billowing heap of greatness!

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 Reality We are Always Blessed

Sometimes you are in the right place, at the right time, and you get to witness something incredible. It maybe positive or negative, it maybe life changing or not, no matter what you will feel something while in this place. I like to think that we take away lessons from these moments, or that they give us a new perspective. I have a whole lotta these moments this year. A whole lot. Life is good, our lives are good right now.
Blessed to have a roof over our heads, to have family and friends to share the good, the bad, and the mediocre with, health, the power of choice, love, and the list goes on and on and on...
Hope you are all feeling the abundance too.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011 Blessed

So blessed to
-Have choices
-Speak freely
-Have people you love and care about me
-A memory that allows me to reminisce special times like these
-The ability to read
Good Night,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011 -Happy-

A handful of things that are making me happy right now:
-Reading "The Happiness Project" By- Gretchen Rubin
-An afternoon spent at the park
-Bought my mom a gift and realized I can make a personalized accessory to gift with it (A bit of a useful thing for her and an extra bit of love from me)
-Knitting a few rows here and there
-Sleeping with our kitties cuddled on each side of me
-A decluttered bedroom
-All of the kids are sleeping and now I can go to sleep.
-My son dancing with me in the kitchen this morning.
Hope you are finding a few things to focus on and smile about too.

Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011 {Enjoying}

*I enjoyed sewing today. I feel so blessed that we have a room where I can begin a project, close the door and tend needs, open the door and begin right where I left off. This makes the process just lovely.
*I enjoyed prepping a few Ballet Spring Recital tutus for tomorrows fittings.
*I enjoyed a fun night of dancing my butt off in the kitchen to what Pandora calls 90's Pop Music.
*I enjoyed Coral looking at my like I was a foreign alien while dancing and my dear husband trying not to laugh.
*I enjoyed picking up the front and back yards today. We now no longer look like we belong on "Hoarders", as my kind neighbor informed me.
*I enjoyed chatting with my dad while slowly and methodically picking up the yards.
*I enjoyed listening and watching my 3 gals give Lillitha a Birthday Spa Night.
*I enjoyed seeing pictures of my son wrestling and camping out at his sleepover tonight.
*I enjoyed stepping away from the to do list and calling it a night when it felt right.
*I enjoyed getting all of the laundry done.

If you are feeling inclined please feel free to visit {This Moment}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28, 2011 {Nonsense}

~Still giggling at my little gal whom asks every single night as I open Harry Potter to read, "Mom, when you go upstairs will you take me too?" I always answer with, "Of course I will." And than I read a few pages and glance at my sleeping gal.
~Whoops, I just dropped my sons Nerf Gun behind the couch while trying to save computer screen from toddler. Do you think he will notice come morning?
~Is really enjoying feeling totally unsettled, it is forcing me to grow.
~Laughing that I truly believe my brain is less foggy because I have been taking so many deep breaths recently while trying to think before blurting hurtful things at my kids, or yelling at them, or just plain speaking out of my arse, as all of that is just not cool. After a deep breath, two, or sometimes 3 I am able to focus, talk, and teach.
~My toddler zonked out on my lap while cuddling the "boy titty" (kitty). That is just the sweetest.
~Realizing I cannot do it all, because doing it all just sucks the life out of me. I need a village, even if I do not want to admit it.
~Proud of my mom whom went back to work today, is going to take her last class to get her AA degree come Fall, and than move closer to our family (her family) when all is said and done. Umm...can you say awesomeness?
~Is grateful for my husbands hardworking brain and hands.
~It is radical that our family car is no longer breaking down once a week.
~Signing off to go Puffy Paint, taking me back to the 80's with a huge grin on my face. Do you remember those stores you could go to and swirl paint t-shirts that you would than proudly wear with that clip thing on the bottom. Umm....barf o' rama, but oh what sweet memories I have of this.
Tomorrow will be as Radical as today.