Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011 {Enjoying}

*I enjoyed sewing today. I feel so blessed that we have a room where I can begin a project, close the door and tend needs, open the door and begin right where I left off. This makes the process just lovely.
*I enjoyed prepping a few Ballet Spring Recital tutus for tomorrows fittings.
*I enjoyed a fun night of dancing my butt off in the kitchen to what Pandora calls 90's Pop Music.
*I enjoyed Coral looking at my like I was a foreign alien while dancing and my dear husband trying not to laugh.
*I enjoyed picking up the front and back yards today. We now no longer look like we belong on "Hoarders", as my kind neighbor informed me.
*I enjoyed chatting with my dad while slowly and methodically picking up the yards.
*I enjoyed listening and watching my 3 gals give Lillitha a Birthday Spa Night.
*I enjoyed seeing pictures of my son wrestling and camping out at his sleepover tonight.
*I enjoyed stepping away from the to do list and calling it a night when it felt right.
*I enjoyed getting all of the laundry done.

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