Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16, 2011

{Here We Are in a Happy Place Again}

*3 bike rides and a few walks

*My boy kicked some major bootie on said bike rides and it made him proud

*Grabbed a quick Coffee with a dear friend

*My sweet sweet Coral had an audition that threw her a much needed boost in confidence

*My kids bathroom is sparkling as of last night

*The pile of diapers on our extra bed have been folded, boxed, and hidden away

*Floors swept every night this week

*My husband and I have enjoyed a few uninterrupted chats this week

*I picked up my needles and knit a handful of rows

*Although we have grabbed a few cups of joe out we have eaten all our meals at home

*Signing out with a big smile*Belinda*

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