Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011 Nishan has a burned pocket

Nishan had $17 he would like to save for an iPod.
Nishan: "We recycled today, we have to go to Target that is what we always do after we recycle."
Me: "Why, you are saving your money for an iPod."t
Nishan: "No, I want to buy Beyblades."
At Target
Me: "They are all out of Beyblades, you can save your money for the iPod now."
Nishan: "Nope, I am getting a Nerf gun."
Me: "Really?, I kinda really really do not like Nerf guns."
Nishan: "Oh mom, it is my money, please?"
Me: "Alrighty pick it out and let's go."
Nishan: "Cool I still have $8 left!"
Me: "Good, you can save that for your iPod."
At Ballet
Nishan: "I am going to buy a granola bar with my money."
Me: "Ok, guess you are over saving your money."
Nishan: "No, I am going to save the rest for the ice cream man."
At Costco
Nishan: "I am going to buy all of us lollipops for dessert."
Me: "You are such a sweet brother."
It cracks me up that money literally burns a hole in my kids pocket.

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