Sunday, November 1, 2009

So many blessings

each and every day it is hard to choose just one to focus on.
So, today is will be a list~
~Watching my girls dance Hula
Extra special today because Daddy joined in wearing a grass skirt! So FUN!!!
~Getting my hands dirty in the kitchen to make fresh Pumpkin soup, cookies and pie
~Having the patience to feel content with how I handled myself during the many meltdowns we
experienced today
~Feeling happy to have spent a bit of time with my dearest friend while our Husbands and
Kiddos did some major Trick or Treating
~Whom I am ever so blessed to have shared 6 out of our 8 pregnancies together and getting to
host her a Mother Gathering
~Looking forward to spending a couple of days in Monterey with my kiddos...I am so happy we
made the decision to make this short little trip work out.

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